How To Play Bollywood Casino Game - Rules And Tips Explained

How amazing do Bollywood and Casino sound together, enjoy the climax of Bollywood and the vibe of casino together at Bollywood Casino. Bollywood Casino is an exciting and interesting online casino game that offers a very simple set of rules. Still, new users can get confused with the rules so let's simplify the rules of the game so that it will become easy for you to gain maximum profit while you bet with real money.


How To Play Bollywood Casino?


The game is not played with the complete deck but only with the face cards of all suits, a total of 16 cards. The cards are fixed for each column:


DON (A)-  Ace of Spade

AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY (B)-  Ace of Heart, Club & Diamond. 

SAHIB BIBI AUR GULAM (C)- King, Queen & Jack of Spade

DHARAM VEER (D)- King od Diamond & Spade

KIS KIS KO PYAR KAR (E)- King of Spade, Queen of Clubs, Diamond & Heart

GULAM (F)- Jack of Heart, Club & Diamond


The player has to bet on any of the sections and if the card turns out to be of the same section on which the bet is placed then the player will win the bet and if the card is not from the same section then the bet will be fortified. 


Other Betting Options


Back and Lay: The player can bet on both back and lay

Color: The player can bet on the color of the card either black(spade & clubs) or red(heart & diamond)

Cards: the player can bet on the card- J, K, Q, A

The game depends on your luck but here are some tips and strategies to increase your chances of winning: 


Tips & Strategies To Win The Game:


  1. Stay focused: the most important tip is to stay focused and alert while playing the game. This will help you understand the pattern of the game
  2. Read the rules prior: before betting real money read and understand all the rules of the game so that you do not commit mistakes.
  3. Set a limit: determine in advance how much you are willing to risk. Set your goal and stick to it, do not fall into the trap of greed. 


Where To Play Bollywood Casino?


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