How to play Plinko? How to bet on Plinko?

Plinko is a very famous online slot game that is popular among youngsters as well as experienced players because of the simplicity of the game. 

But let's first understand what makes the game exciting and engaging. This article will be a step-by-step guide to understanding the game's rules, so read the article thoroughly to maximize your earnings.


The display of the game:


Once you login to the game with your gaming ID the screen will display all the elements of the game which include: a dotted pattern in the center,3 lines with 15 blocks of green, yellow & red color below that, and at the bottom is the betting panel.

The betting options:

There are 3 primary betting options in the game based on color.

The player is supposed to place a bet on anyone among the 3 colors which are green, yellow & red. 

After the bet is placed a ball will drop from the top of the dotted pattern and will pass through the pattern and will stop randomly on any of the blocks of the color on which the player has bet upon.

Finally, the ball will land on any of the 15 blocks of the color you have chosen and the number on the block will decide how much the amount will increase.


Chance to win:


As mentioned earlier there are 15-15 blocks of each color, a total of 45 blocks. Out of these 45 blocks, 36 blocks will increase your amount, and the rest only  9 block can decrease your amount.

In the 1st lane which is of green color out of 15 only 1 block can decrease your amount and the rest 14 will give you a hike.

In the 2nd lane which is yellow out of 15 only 3 blocks can decrease your amount and the rest 12 will give you a hike. In the last lane which is red out of 15, 5 blocks can decrease your amount and the rest 10 will give you a hike. 

Green gives you the highest probability of win and red has comparatively less chance but red can give you maximum profit.  

This is the reason this game is very popular because it gives you the highest probability to win. With each round, feel the rush of adrenaline as you make your choice and watch the outcome unfold. The combination of luck, strategy, and unexpected outcomes makes the session uniquely captivating.

Tips and strategies:


Understand the game’s payout rules: first look at the game’s payout and rules before betting real money. This will help you in planning your bettings accordingly.

  • Set limits: Set playtime limits so that you do not fall into the trap of a continuous betting loop and thus can avoid excess losses.
  • Choose one color: choose to stick on a single color either red, yellow or green this will increase your chance to win rather than switching on every trial.
  • Manage your finances: it is important to manage your finances and make money management plans to extend gameplay. stick to your budget and do not let your emotions overcome.
  • Break the pattern: it would be foolish to assume that past outcomes can predict future wins or the winning streak will guarantee you future wins. Each trial is independent so the past wins will have no impact on future wins.


Where To Play Plinko?


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