How to play Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a very popular game. The simplicity of this game is responsible for its popularity because this game offers very simple rules that can be easily mastered. So, if you are a new user you don't have to worry about anything.

This article will cover all the rules that are involved in the along with tips and tricks for the game and so will provide you with an honest platform where you can enjoy the game without any fear of fraud.


What is Dragon Tiger?


Dragon Tiger is an uncomplicated game with some basic rules. Both new and experienced players will find the game interesting because it is straightforward and simple. Here is a summary of how it functions:


The game is played with a deck of 52 cards on the game table. The table layout has two main positions named “dragon” and “tiger” where the cads will be placed. Once the cards are dealt then both of them are compared and the card with the highest rank wins.


Let's understand the rules in detail:


What betting option do we have:


2. Main bets:

  • Dragon bet
  • Tiger bet:


2. Tie bet

  • Suit bet
  • Side bets
  • Dragon odd & even
  • Tiger odd & even
  • Dragon Color
  • Tiger color
  • Dragon suit
  • Tiger suit
  • Dragon card
  • Tiger card


How the game is conducted?


The conduction of the game is very simple two cards will be dealt up face, one for the dragon position and the tiger position. The players will bet either on dragon, tiger, or any other side bets then the win will be determined, and the winning hand will be the one with the highest ranking.


The cards are ranked as follows:


Ace is considered to be the lowest card followed by 2,3,4…and so on. The highest ranked card is the king or K. So the ranking is A<2<3<4<5<6<7<8<9<10 <Jack <Queen <King. This is the standard ranking in Dragon Tiger. 


For example:


If dragon is 8 and tiger is 5 then dragon will winIf dragon is 4 and tiger is jack then tiger will winIf dragon and tiger are both same, say both are king, then the tie bet will win. If both are of the same suit the suit bet will win




The highest-paid win is when you win the Suit bet but the chances of winning are low. The next in the line is a tie bet. The tie bet is the second highly paid bet, the chances of winning the tie bet are again low but more than the suit bet. The dragon bet and the tiger bet are equally paid as the probability is 50-50. 


The odd-even bets, color bets, and card bets are fixed at different rates.


Tips and strategies: Understand the game’s payout rules: first look at the game’s payout and rules before betting real money. This will help you in planning your bettings accordingly.


Set limits: Set playtime limits so that you do not fall into the trap of a continuous betting loop and thus can avoid excess losses.


Choose one side: choose to stick on a single side either dragon or tiger, this will increase your chance to win rather than switching on every trial.


Manage your finances: it is important to manage your finances and make money management plans to extend gameplay. stick to your budget and do not let your emotions overcome.


Break the pattern: it would be foolish to assume that past outcomes can predict future wins or the winning streak will guarantee you future wins. Each card is independent so the past wins will have no impact on future wins.


Where to play Dragon Tiger?


It is important to find a platform where you can play Dragon Tiger without any fear of fraud. To play the game without having such fears, click on the WhatsApp icon below, Shyam play is an honest and trustable platform where you can enjoy hassle-free gaming 


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