How To Play 32 Cards? Read Rules and Tips

How the game is played?


As the name of the game suggests the game is played with 32 cards- 6(spade, heart, club, diamond) the king (spade, heart, club, diamond).

There are 4 players in the game named as player8, player9, player10, player11. Each player has allotted fixed points, player 8 is given with 8 points, player 9 with 9 points, player 10 with 10 points, and player 11 with 11 points.

The host turns 4 cards one by one and places them in each position. Once all 4 cards are turned, they are compared with each other, and points are added to each player according to the value of the card. The player with the highest points wins the bet.


Ranking of the cards:


6(spade, heart, club, diamond)- 6 points

7(spade, heart, club, diamond)-7 points

8(spade, heart, club, diamond)- 8 points

9(spade, heart, club, diamond)- 9points

10(spade, heart, club, diamond)- 10 points

Jack(spade, heart, club, diamond) 11points

Queen(spade, heart, club, diamond)- 12points

King(spade, heart, club, diamond)- 13 points


Chance to win:


Player 11 has the highest chance to win as it is already allotted 11 points, Player 10 has the second-highest chance to win, player 9 has fewer chances to win as it holds 9 points, and Player 8 has the least chance to win as it is only given with 8 points.

Although player 8 has the least chance to win it has a high odds value, as it multiplies the bet amount by 12x because the higher the risk higher the winning amount, if we compare it to player 12 it has less odd value because it already has 11 points and its winning chances is more, so the risk is less and winning amount is also less on it.


Tips And Strategies For 32 Cards Game


Place Multiple Bets: Always try to place multiple bets in a single round of the game as it will increase the chances of winning more amount in a single bet, and if your one bet makes a loss, and the second bet wins, then your earning will be balanced automatically and you will not face any loss.

Bet Maximum On Player 12: Always try to max bet on player 12 at the placement of all of your bets, because player 12 has already 12 points means the chances are already high for player 12 to win the game, so it will increase your earnings.


Where to play:


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